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Lean and Toned - Fat Loss & Muscle Toning

  • 5Weeks

About This Program

Have you ever heard someone, maybe even a trainer say, “Do low reps to bulk up and higher reps to get lean and toned”? Well, here’s why that’s absolutely not true. Being “cut” as guys often say, and “toned” as women say, just means that you are lean - which comes from fat loss. And guess what? Whether you are over 40 or not, it is the SAME THING! Most men seem to be comfortable with training to gain at least some muscle mass, but many women unfortunately think they'll get “bulky.” Since women have significantly less testosterone than men, this will NEVER happen. So if you are worried about getting bulky, you can worry no more. When you talk about “toning,” “enhancing,” or “shaping” certain areas of your body, what you're really talking about is muscle. Building muscle. Muscle creates the shape of your body. The more muscle you have, the more muscle tone you have. You can't build a perkier, rounder, or sexier anything without building muscle. To build that muscle, we need to lift weights. Heavy weights. Tiny dumbbells and leg lifts just won't get it done. We need to lift weights just like the guys do. And remember, when we build muscle through weight training, we burn more fat! This is what Lean and Toned is. This is what Lean and Toned does. Lean and Toned is based on over 30 years of experience, proven training principles, realistic and effective nutritional strategies, consistency, and hard work. That’s right—fat loss requires hard work and consistency. We will show you how to safely and effectively build muscle, lose fat, feel better and look great - all without bulking up! So whether you’re just starting out and looking for an easy-to-follow guide to fat loss, or a you have been at this for a while wanting to change up your current training programs, this program has something for everyone.

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Lean and Toned - Fat Loss & Toning, $99.00/month

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