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Lean and Toned - Fat Loss & Muscle Toning Program

Program Overview

Our Lean & Toned Monthly Program is divided into four-week blocks. Once you have completed your registration and purchase, you will receive the first 4-week-block of workouts. You will begin on the following Monday of the next week. In most cases, we will get you going sooner than this. We have implemented this "Following Monday" process to make sure that you have received your program materials and information with plenty of time to get ready and go! 1. Brand New Workouts Every Month - This program is divided into four-week blocks. Every four weeks you will receive a brand set of workouts. Each 4-week block is more intense than the last and will push you to your next level! 2. A Comprehensive Plan - When you sign up, you'll receive the most comprehensive nutrition and fitness plans based on your fitness level and goals, ensuring a safe and effective experience. 3. Progressive Training - As you progress, your workouts will evolve to challenge you appropriately, preventing plateaus and continually stimulating your body for improvement. 4. Workout & Exercise Tutorials - Access a library of easy-to-follow video tutorials for each exercise, ensuring proper form and technique to maximize results while minimizing the risk of injury. 5. Nutritional Guidance - Receive nutritional guidance that complements your fitness routine, helping you make informed dietary choices that support your goals. 6. Regular Assessments and Checkins - Periodic assessments will track your progress, providing valuable insights into your advancements and allowing adjustments as needed.


2 Plans Available, From $29.99/month

Lean & Toned Group

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Lean and Toned - Private Group

Lean and Toned - Private Group

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