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As We Age, It Becomes More Challenging To Stay Fit and Healthy.

We address these unique needs with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow program that delivers real results.

Have you ever heard someone, maybe even a trainer, say, “Do low reps to bulk up and higher reps to get lean and toned"?  Well, here’s why that’s absolutely not true...

Being “cut” as guys often say, and “toned” as women might say, just means that you are lean which comes from fat loss. Guess what? Whether you are over 40 or not, it is the SAME THING!

When it comes to weight training, the goal for most men is to build muscle and get bigger. But sadly, too many women wrongly think that they will get “bulky or look like a man” as well. Since women have significantly less testosterone than men, this will NEVER happen. So if you are worried about getting big and bulky, you can worry no more.


To build that muscle, you need to lift weights. Heavy weights. Tiny dumbbells and leg lifts just won't get it done. You need to lift weights just like the guys do. You can't build a perkier, rounder, sexier anything without building muscle! And remember, when you build muscle through weight training, you burn more fat! 

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Take the First Step to a Stronger, Leaner You!

Don’t let age define what you can achieve. With Lean & Toned, you’ll discover the incredible benefits of strength training and see real, lasting results. 

Lean & Toned is based on the same training techniques and workouts I use to get Melissa stage-ready - so I know it works!

Now, we know most of you may not have the goal to compete in a body-building competition - at least for moment. But the tools, strategies and concepts are the SAME not matter what your goal is. You have to eat well, be consistent and you have to LIFT WEIGHTS!

Melissa and I don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. From obstacle racing, body-building, Jiu Jitsu, to being Grandma and Papa, we live every day to the fullest - as healthy and balanced we can. 

Lean & Toned is not only based on the same training techniques and workouts I use to get Melissa stage-ready, but with all my clients who want to burn fat and build muscle! That's over 30 years of experience, proven training principles, realistic and effective nutritional strategies, consistency, and hard work. That’s right, fat loss and muscle building requires hard work and consistency.

Let Melissa and I show you how to safely and effectively build muscle, lose fat, feel better and look great - all without bulking up!

Why Lean & Toned is PERFECT for YOU


Effective Fat Burning: Our program includes strategically designed workouts that maximize calorie burn, helping you shed unwanted pounds.


Sustainable Results: By building lean muscle, you’ll increase your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently, leading to long-term weight management.


Tone and Define: Strength training helps you achieve a lean and toned physique by increasing muscle mass without adding bulk.


Rev Up Your Metabolism: Building muscle through strength training means you’ll burn more calories even when you’re not working out.


Combat Age-Related Metabolic Slowdown: Our program helps counteract the natural decline in metabolism that occurs with aging, keeping you energetic and vibrant.

Success Stories

Be Inspired by Real Stories and Transformations
Melissa's Transformation.
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Hailey Harris

Want to know if Lean & Toned is for you, but are afraid of commitments?

Try Our 8 Week Program! 

Lean & Toned In 8 Weeks is our no-obligation 8-week version of our month to month program. This downloadable program includes the same workouts and exercises PLUS:

  • A clear, day-by-day guide to your workouts, removing the guesswork from your routine.

  • Each exercise is described in simple language, complemented by images to ensure you perform them safely and effectively.

  • Tips to properly warm up to prevent injuries and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

  • Strategies to gradually increase your workout intensity, ensuring continuous improvement and avoiding plateaus.

Start your fitness journey with our detailed 8-week exercise program, designed to guide you in transforming your physique and enhancing your overall health.

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